I'm IN a globle conference call at home right now.

so cool!!! What I do is just like a manager.

In fact, I have a sound recording of the meeting by MP3 to check again and make sure I do not miss out any key points.

I use one laptop and one desktop. Laptop is using for review the slide, and desktop is using for surfing the Internet and doing some unimportant matter.

Honest is the main issue we discuss today. I deem that the American company take this issue seriously. There are several diffrence between Western and Easten culture. Therefore, the chairperson of this conference always emphasise "Asia."

Translating in our language and explaining for salaries employee or even all employee is the "HR manager's" responsibility, but the upward matter is my duty.   I'm just a specialist of HR dept.

The conference is proceeding until 11p.m. 
It's a endless meeting......, especially without overtime pay.

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